Burkina Faso/Realization of drinking water conveyance works: MABUCIG brings "a second life" to the second region of the gendarmerie

Published on 08/01/2021 | La rédaction

Burkina Faso

"Water is life. With the completion of these works, it's a relief for all the staff at Camp Kuinima. By this gesture, MABUCIG brings us a second life," said Colonel Kalifa Sanou, commander of the second gendarmerie region. It was this Thursday, January 7, 2021 in Bobo-Dioulasso, during the inauguration ceremony of the simplified drinking water supply works offered by the Burkinabe Cigarette Factory (MABUCIG).

The Kuinima Camp of the Bobo-Dioulasso National Gendarmerie now has an integrated, modular and expandable drinking water supply system, offering autonomy in terms of filtered drinking water. It consists of a 65m deep borehole with a drinking water flow rate of 18m3 per hour, a water tower 10m3 under 10m high, a 2400 watt solar field and a water filtration system upstream and in the senior officers' quarters. The project has also made it possible to disseminate eleven standpipes within the camp. The system has a total autonomy in drinking water for more than 2000 people. The cost of the works is estimated at about 20 million FCFA.

The purpose of these projects is to supply Kuinima Camp with drinking water in sufficient quantities. According to the Director General of MABUCIG, Demba Dembélé, they will contribute to the well-being of these "men who fight daily for our security". He took this opportunity to explain the context in which this project was born. Indeed, with the increase in population and the expansion of the city, Bobo-Dioulasso is experiencing the same setbacks as some cities in the country.

For example, Camp Kuinima, which is one of the safe lungs of the city of Sya, was short of water for a good part of the year. The staff of the camp had to scour the city's arteries in search of the precious liquid in jerry cans and barrels.

In view of the security situation, a loss of energy and resources in search of water is inappropriate. This is why the people in charge of Camp Kuinima have asked for help from MABUCIG to provide them with a "small" supply of drinking water. "We are a corporate citizen and we listen to the needs of the communities around us.

This is why, when we were contacted by the gendarmerie who told us about the water problem, and seeing the calvaries she goes through to have this vital need, we decided to give her our support," explained Demba Dembélé. Before adding: "They had asked us for a simple drilling and we made an integrated water supply system that includes a drilling of 18m3 per hour, a water tower of 10m3 and a pump that feeds 5m3 per hour".

A "noble gesture" hailed by Colonel Kalifa Sanou

With this gesture, Camp Kuinima will now escape the "catastrophic" scenario of the water supply being cut off at the taps. Several services and gendarmerie buildings have been connected to the new water network created by the project. Colonel Kalifa Sanou, commander of the second gendarmerie region, expressed his feelings of joy and expressed his gratitude and that of all the personnel of the second gendarmerie region to MABUCIG.

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