France/Pornic. Twinning: a new step towards Omegna

Published on 27/03/2023 | La rédaction


A delegation of Pornicais went to Omegna, Italian city candidate to a twinning with Pornic.

Last December, a delegation from the Italian city came to Pornic to establish the basis for a future alliance between the two cities. Elected officials, representatives of artistic associations, sports (including disabled), civil society, schools, and for what concerns Pornic, members of theassociation of Pornic, confirmed their willingness to establish ties of friendship and exchange.

In her speech in Italy, in the presence of Jean-Michel Brard, the mayor of Pornic, Mimma Moscatiello, the acting mayor of Omegna, officially announced the creation of a twinning committee, chaired by Margot Bertolé.

The twinning association of Pornic, chaired by Marie-Agnès Morice finds, in this committee, a real interlocutor who will facilitate enormously the development of future bilateral projects", underlines Isabelle Vernice Engelke, responsible for the Italian commission.

In their speeches, the two mayors and the presidents of the twinning committees have renewed the fundamental values that they grant to twinning: friendship and fraternity between citizens.

During this stay, the Omegas demonstrated their attachment to the people of Pornic by an enthusiastic and warm family welcome, as well as their determination to discover our city.

A step has been taken in the progress of the twinning project between Pornic and Omegna. The Pornicais await their Italian friends with impatience, from this summer.


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