France/ Announcement of the winners of the "Heritage and decentralized cooperation" 2023 call for projects

Published on 26/05/2023 | La rédaction


The Délégation pour l'action extérieure des collectivités territoriales (DAECT) and the association Sites et Cités remarquables de France (SCRF) have launched for the first time a three-year call for projects 2023-2025 "Heritage and decentralized cooperation" with the aim of supporting decentralized cooperation projects in the field of natural and built heritage.

5 projects have been selected. They will take place over three years between 2023 and 2025.

Examination of these projects revealed the following trends:

- 2 continents are represented among the recipients of these cultural cooperation projects, and the majority of projects are anchored in a partnership with a priority country for French official development assistance;

- Many project sponsors use heritage as a lever for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which have become the reference framework for action to promote solidarity-based development and combat global inequalities. This year, for example, all of the entries are contributing to SDG 8, "Decent Work and Economic Growth", and SDG 11, "Sustainable Cities and Communities";

- The majority of projects are based on tourism that is relevant to local economies. The projects take into account the various challenges facing communities, notably climate change, digital transition and gender equality.

è See the list of winning projects in the appendix and on France Diplomatie.



Delegation for the External Action of Territorial Authorities (DAECT)

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Source: CNCD

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