Canada/Sherbrooke holds sport discussion workshops

Published on 28/03/2023 | La rédaction


During the month of March, the City of Sherbrooke is inviting citizens to participate in workshops to learn about their vision for the updated Sport, Physical Activity and Outdoor Policy.

The last policy dates back to 2004. We want to see what this policy has allowed us to do, and what we are keeping, but also to see what the new needs are," said Nicolas Vanasse, head of the City of Sherbrooke's sports division.

The third and final workshop of this type will be held on March 29. It's open to all, with registration. The workshop discussions revolve around two main themes: accessibility to sport, outdoor and physical activity, and diversity. Can we do better, make organized sports more accessible, access to nature for example," explains Nicolas Vanasse.

The city will listen to citizens and ask for their input on what should be in the plan. We can't have everything with the limited resources we have, so they're going to have to make some tough choices.

According to Nicolas Vanasse, the city will pay particular attention to youth, but also to the aging population.

Even though the workshops end next Wednesday, the Sport, Physical Activity and Outdoor Policy will not be ready immediately.

"The next steps are to analyze the material generated. We will work throughout the month of April with our advisory committee [...] to develop the orientations and the main guiding principles of this policy revision."

- A quote from Nicolas Vanasse, head of the sports division at the City of Sherbrooke.

Then, elected officials will have to debate all this this summer and fall.

In 2024, we will attach to this a 10-year action plan with concrete solutions for infrastructure, services, to meet the needs submitted by citizens, ensures Nicolas Vanasse.


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