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Published on 29/01/2023 | La rédaction


A National Committee wants to boost photovoltaics in Switzerland, and not only for new buildings.

New buildings must be equipped with solar panels. The National Energy Commission wants to develop this energy rapidly.

The same obligation will apply to major renovations, the committee said in its review of the major energy reform. By 2032, existing buildings, with the exception of residential buildings, will also have to be equipped with a solar system from a building surface of 300 m2.

Parking spaces too

By 2035, parking spaces with a surface area of more than 250 m2 must also be equipped with roofs that can produce solar energy. Minorities oppose these provisions, the parliamentary services said Thursday.

To contribute to energy efficiency, it will be mandatory for vacation homes to be equipped with intelligent heating control systems by 2035. Several minorities are calling for other energy efficiency measures in the building sector, such as a requirement to replace electric resistance heaters or obligations for energy-efficient operation of large buildings.

Areas to be declared of national interest

In general, the commission supports the rapid development of renewable energies. To this end, large-scale hydroelectric, photovoltaic and wind power plants should be declared to be of national interest, and their installation should take precedence over nature and landscape protection.

The cantons will have to designate areas that are suitable for the operation of these plants. The winter production of electricity will be taken into account for the recognition of a national interest.

If the targets for the development of renewable energies are not met, smaller and less important plants will also be considered to be of national interest. However, the decision was only taken by 12 votes to 11.

Not in biotopes

However, the commission does not want to give electricity production priority over nature conservation. In contrast to the Council of States, it refuses to allow the construction of power plants in biotopes of national importance and in waterfowl and migratory bird reserves. An exception would be the new glacial margins and the Alpine floodplains.

The commission would also like to require appropriate protection, replacement and restoration measures where an object listed in an inventory under the Nature and Landscape Protection Act is affected.

Source: www.lenouvelliste.ch

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