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Youth & Innovation is based in Senegal and our purpose is to promote education and training, promote culture, health and social issues in Senegal and Africa.

We envision a world in which women, men and young people everywhere have the right to freely control their bodies and thus their destiny. A world in which they are free to choose whether or not to be parents; free to decide how many children they wish to have and when to have them; free to lead a healthy sex life, without fear of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. A world where gender and sexuality are no longer a source of inequality or stigma. We will not fail to do everything in our power to safeguard these important choices and rights for present and future generations.

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Mohamed Lamine Fall
Youth and Innovation President
Street 12 x Avenue Bourguiba Dakar/Senegal
+221 77 312 92 58

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Association, humanitarian NGO
Mohamed Lamine Fall

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