Search for land and partners for a project of protection and reconnection to the living.

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A private individual is looking for project partners (individuals, market gardeners, farms, patrons, etc.) to co-finance and set up a project to protect and reconnect with living beings. She wishes to create a place where a respectful relationship between humans, animals and nature can be experienced. To do this, she would like to set up :
- a refuge for animals (horses, pigs, cows, ...)
- a vegetable garden,
- 3 places of reception (collective lodging, autonomous, associative coffee, ) to support at the same time the awakening of the consciences, the ecological transition and the social link.

More precisely, this project has 3 main objectives:
1 - To offer a shelter to animals that have suffered from mistreatment and cruelty (domestic animals, animals from industrial breeding and eventually, perhaps, wild animals)
2 - To make the general public aware of the importance of protecting living things,
to promote the evolution of consciousness and personal development,
the development of benevolence towards oneself and all living beings through various activities and events: workshops on environmental protection, yoga, empathic communication, meditation, plant-based cooking workshops, introduction to permaculture, ...
3 - Set up a space dedicated to plants: vegetable garden cultivated according to the principles of agroecology, simple garden, labyrinth of varied plantations, ...

In order to achieve these three objectives, the association would like to find a place with a minimum of 6 to 10 hectares of land to set up the refuge, the vegetable garden, the other areas dedicated to plants and the three types of reception areas.

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Corinne Tixier

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