Ecole Supérieur de Management de Kinshasa - Mission to support the development of school-business relations

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Description :

The Ecole Supérieur de Management de Kinshasa is looking for a person in charge of the school/company relationship (CREE). Under the supervision of the general manager, he/she will be in charge of placing and following up the academic internships of the students - provided for in their school/company alternation curriculum - within the network of partner companies of the establishment. He/she will be responsible for writing the written reports of the students' defenses. The EERC will also coordinate the Open Day and promote the school (social networks, emails, website, etc.).

Expected results of the mission:
The students benefit from an internship in a company and are all professionally integrated;
The school's reputation is improved.
Main activities to be carried out
Setting up, monitoring and evaluation of student internships;
Organization of the Open Day and ESMK conferences;
Promotion of the school (social networks, website, mail, radio, TV, etc.).

Main place of intervention

Duration of the mission
24 months

Profile of the candidate:

Desired education
Master's degree in management, management sciences or related field.

Main competences sought (skills and know-how)
Know-how :

Good knowledge of the field of communication;
Good writing and synthesis skills;
Coordination of several simultaneous actions.

Personal skills:

Very strong autonomy in the work;
Reactivity ;
Rigor ;
Ability to work in a multicultural team;

Desired languages and level
Excellent level of French;

Conditions of the VSI contract:
Status of the Volunteer for International Solidarity (law of 2005) ;
Installation allowance and resettlement allowance on return;
Monthly subsistence allowance: this allowance does not have the character of a salary or remuneration, and allows to accomplish the mission in decent living conditions;
Social security coverage (complementary mutual insurance, repatriation insurance, old age insurance)
Provision of accommodation ;
Travel expenses 1 return trip between the place of residence and the place of assignment.

To apply
CV and cover letter to be sent to:

Please indicate in the subject line of your email: "2D1071. CPE ESMK. RDC "

IMPORTANT: The international solidarity volunteer cannot carry out a mission in the country of which he/she is a national or a legal resident. Consequently, thank you to the persons having the nationality of the host country (DRC) not to answer this announcement.

Type of adJobs
CountryAngola, Cameroun, Chad, France, Ivory Coast, Maroc
Association, international solidarity NGO
Espace Volontariats du Congo

Contact the advertiser

Phone :   + 33 (0)1 53 14 20 30
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