Guinea: the commune of Kouroussa is looking for cooperation partners

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The commune of Kouroussa expresses its desire to weave cooperative relationships with communities, a partnership that benefits agriculture, from which 90% of its population lives. A cooperation that promotes the emergence of a sustainable city, the exchange of ideas, knowledge and know-how.

The potential for rapprochement between Kouroussa and French or foreign municipalities is inestimable, particularly in the fields of culture, education, health, participatory democracy, and the promotion and defence of women's and children's rights. The city of the famous writer Camara Laye - author of the novel "L'enfant noir" -, intends to play an important role in the dissemination of the common values of the Francophonie.

In December 2019, the city adopted a Local Development Plan articulated with the National Policy to fight against poverty in Guinea. This Plan makes a diagnosis of its territory and sets eight (8) strategic directions by 2024 which are:
- Improvement and consolidation of the institutional framework and good governance
- Development of basic infrastructure
- Development and diversification of agro-pastoral production
- Restoration and rational management of natural resources
- Development and diversification of non-agricultural economic activities
- Improvement of the supply, quality and access to health services
- Improvement of the supply, quality and access to education and literacy services
- Reduction of violence against vulnerable groups (women and children) and improvement of their socio-economic conditions.

In Guinea, Kouroussa is located 582 km from the capital, Conakry, and 83 km from Kankan, the country's second largest city. Rich in water and gold, there are important mining activities on the territory. Chief town of the prefecture, the city was set up as an urban commune in 1991.

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