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Description :

Search for a volunteer who will be in charge, under the responsibility of the National Representative of France Volontaires in Chad, of developing and implementing a communication plan and a plan for mobilizing new resources from the Espace Volontariats in Togo. He or she will also be responsible for providing support on coordination and project management. As such, he/she will intervene in different fields:

- Digital communication: Animation of social networks, feeding the website of France Volontaires au Tchad (writing articles, portraits of volunteers), writing and sending the monthly newsletter...
- Print communication: design and follow-up of the distribution of posters, kakemonos, annual activity reports, banners, activity reports, welcome guide, etc.
- Public relations: drafting and distribution of press releases and sponsoring files
- Events: management of the organisation of the French Volunteer Day, support for the organisation of conferences-debates...

The volunteer will also participate in the definition and implementation of the annual action plan of France Volontaires in Chad, in the search for partnerships and new funding. He/she will take part in the capacity building of local associative actors by, in particular, the animation of training courses in communication. He/she may be called upon for all activities implemented by France Volontaires au Tchad and its partners.

Expected results :
1. the actors of international solidarity and institutions are aware of the activities of France volontaires
The needs of international exchange and solidarity volunteers (VIES) in terms of support and capacity building are identified and taken into account in the framework of the EV's action plans;
3. training courses for capacity building of VIES host structures are organised;
4. good relations with the various youth and voluntary service institutions and organisations are maintained; 5. the training courses for the capacity building of VIES reception structures are organised
Discovery and training activities are organized for the VIES actors;
6) Interviews are conducted and articles are published to promote volunteerism;
7. portraits of volunteers are made and shared to promote their missions in the field;
8. the FB page of EV Chad is continuously updated to ensure a presence on social networks;
9. monthly newsletters are published for all the actors and partners of the volunteer movement;
10. the EV Chad website is regularly updated with information on the actions implemented;
Information on volunteering is shared to make known, recognize and highlight the diversity of voluntary commitments;
12. local actors, national and French authorities are regularly informed of our activities for a better advocacy on voluntary and solidarity commitment;
13. a contribution to the drafting of annual reports is made and this document is shared with all actors to inform about our activities in Chad and the added value of solidarity commitment;
14. companies operating in and/or around the VIES sector are informed about our activities and additional funding is mobilized for our various activities;
15. adapted and attractive communication tools are developed for companies, particularly in the context of CSR.

Main activities to be carried out :
Communication tools
- Take charge of the graphic design of all communication tools specific to Chad (brochures, flyers, banners, reports, taking, retouching and choice of photos, etc.) in accordance with the graphic charter of France Volontaires
- Participate in building the positive image of France Volontaires among partners, actors of international solidarity and the media.
- Facilitate relations with local and international media
- Animating relations with the VIES
- Share tools and news with the support officers of the Cameroon and Congo EVs.
Website and Facebook page feed
- Manage the animation of the Facebook page
- Ensure the regular promotion of the site (inform about the existence of the site, present the site to the concerned structures...)
- Collecting and having collected the information relating to each section of the website and updating it on a regular basis
- Processing information and writing content for the website and Facebook page
- Update each of the site's components: news, health and safety on mission, good plans, etc.
- Collect regularly the opinions of the site's users.
- Coordinate the organization of the Journées du Volontariat Français (French Volunteer Days)
- Organizing or co-organizing events to promote international volunteering
- Ensure the participation of France Volontaires in local events related to volunteering and/or solidarity.
- To work with other national and international volunteer bodies, particularly in the organization of International Volunteer Day.
Diversification and mobilization of complementary resources
- Actively participate in the preparation of files and campaigns to mobilize new resources and the mobilization of companies (CSR, Patronage and Sponsorship)
- Coordinate the drafting of the annual report on the state of SEVI in the country in collaboration with the team.
Relationship with VIES actors
- Deputize for the Volunteer Development Support Officer (CADV) in handling requests (emails, phone calls) from host structures and volunteers (e.g. in case of absence or leave). In this case, inform FV's information system about the requests of the VIES actors.
- Responding to requests concerning the diagnosis of communication strategy and tools in order to propose solutions and accompany structures in their implementation of solutions
- To identify possible training needs in the framework of communication and to respond to them either by organising workshops or by directing the structures towards other actors.
- Facilitate exchanges between host structures in terms of communication (networking)
- Participate in the definition of communications-oriented volunteer assignments
It should be noted that the volunteer support person in charge of communication and resource mobilization being the only volunteer in post within the EV, he/she has, in fact, a special role in the relations between the EV and the volunteers present in Chad. He/she may thus be led to propose and implement or participate in the implementation of activities not directly related to the field of communication (for example, activities to discover Chadian culture).

Mission to be able: May 2021.
Deadline for application: March 31, 2021
Duration of the mission: 24 months
Location of mission: N'Djaména

Profile of the candidate:

Required training
Master's degree in communication or journalism.
Desired professional experience

Minimum 2 years experience as a communications officer in a company or NGO. Experience in an international and/or humanitarian environment is desirable.
Main skills sought
- Excellent writing and synthesis skills
- Graphics (InDesign, Photoshop)
- Community management
- Use of a back office (website under wordpress)
- Search for financing / sponsorship / Corporate Social Responsibility
- Event organization
- Video editing skills would be an asset
- Indispensable human qualities: strong adaptability, social ease, ability to work in a multicultural team, autonomy, initiative, etc.

Desired languages and level
French: read, written and spoken mandatory
Arabic would be an asset
VSI's contract terms and conditions

- Status of the Volunteer of International Solidarity (2005 law) ;
- Installation allowance and resettlement allowance on return ;
- Monthly subsistence allowance: this allowance does not have the character of a salary or remuneration and enables the mission to be carried out in decent living conditions;
- Social security cover (complementary mutual insurance, repatriation insurance, old-age insurance);
- Provision of accommodation ;
- Travel expenses 1 return journey between the place of residence and the duty station.

To apply

CV and cover letter to be sent to:

Thank you to indicate in the subject line of your email: "2T1131. Support for the Volunteer Space. Chad".

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Espace Volontariats du Togo

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