Graduate research training in social and development practices

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The philosophical values and pedagogical principles on which the Collège Coopératif de Paris has been founded for more than 50 years constitute major challenges both in France and in all countries of the world. As a higher education organization for adults, the CCP offers various individual and collective training and research actions to adults and private and public structures involved in different sectors of professional or voluntary activities (education and training sciences, social work, development, medico-social intervention, social and solidarity economy, culture, disability, rurality, etc.).

By offering "tailor-made" training courses which, while focusing on the main achievements of each adult's experience and considering him or her as the main actor in his or her training, seeks to meet his or her individual needs as well as his or her collective demands.

In addition to individual training, the CCP is also one of the few training organisations offering collective training through the action-research approach. Each group training course is also "tailor-made" and has several objectives:
- to answer the questions formulated by the group at the beginning of the training;
- To produce a collective dissertation based on the recognition and validation of the singularity of each of its members;
- To offer a validation of the dissertation for the group as well as for each of its members;
- Offer an additional value to each collective dissertation by publishing it in book form or in specialized journals or social networks.

Whatever the training or research action proposed by the CCP, in all cases, it will be accompanied and characterized by notions of action research, modification and change of the situations studied, social promotion, endogenous approach to individual development, practices and places, recognition, validation and valorization of each individual's acquired experience .

Proposed activities :
1. Training DHEPS (Diploma of Higher Studies in Social Practices, Bac+4 and Master I), DUFA (University Diploma of Adult Trainer, Bac+3) both in France and abroad.
2. Research and collective interventions elaborated with groups and structures interested in change and development.
3. Responding to calls for tenders, concerted implementation of events (colloquium, study day, seminars...), promotion of initiatives through publication.

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