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The association Ait atman pour le développement rural (ASSAADER) is looking for partnerships and sponsors for a project to build a Radier à buse on Oued Srou.

Within the framework of the project of the development of a track which connects the following douars: Tamaddaht, Ouabad, Ait Taled and Idabdoubin to the provincial road N°7311 at kilometric point 13 which stops on the bank of Oued Srou. It would be advisable to grant the funds for the realization of a buzzard invert to give more interest to this communication channel built within the framework of the programme contract with MEDA.
Without such an apron, even though this road will give an unprecedented boost to the population of the region, the problems of transit of goods and people will persist during flood periods.

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the basic infrastructure of the region but also :
- Opening up the region
- Facilitating access for agricultural products.
- Facilitate the transport of sick people and pregnant women from the region to the health centres of Kerrouchen or El kbab.
- Facilitate the passage of teachers and students to their schools.
- Create a dynamic economy through the marketing of agricultural products.

To do this, the association is looking for various technical and financial support.

Type of adPartnerships
CountryBelgium, Canada, France, Japan, Laos, Luxembourg, Maroc, Moldavia, Switzerland, Viet Nam
AdvertiserAssociation Ait atman pour le développement rural (ASSAADER )
Association, humanitarian NGO
M. MOUSKI Haddou

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