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Published on 21/05/2024 | La rédaction


The by-election in the municipality of Denholm, Outaouais, returned its verdict on Sunday. According to preliminary results, Pierre Nelson Renaud was elected the municipality's new mayor. He succeeds Gaétan Guindon, who resigned at the end of March.

Called to the polls this month to elect a new mayor, Denholm residents gave their vote to candidate Pierre Nelson Renaud, who faced Laetitia Béguin in the mayoral race. However, it will be five days before the results are made official.

Both had already filed their candidacies in the last municipal elections, in November 2021, respectively for the position of mayor and for the position of councillorno. 6. Both were unsuccessful.

Citation in ethics

This by-election was held following the resignation of Gaétan Guindon on March 24, after he pleaded guilty to charges of impaired driving. charges of impaired driving and operating a vehicle with an alcohol level in excess of the legal limit.

The former mayor had also been found guilty by the Commission municipale du Québec (CMQ) of having committed two breaches of the code of ethics and professional conduct for the municipality's elected officials while in office.

Gaétan Guindon was cited for having in his possession a municipal credit card for expenses, and for using municipal resources for personal purposes by purchasing alcohol to the value of $3,470.71.

Denholm's new mayor, Pierre Nelson Renaud, will hold office until November 2, 2025, the date of the next municipal elections in Quebec.


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