SENEGAL-FRANCE-COOPERATION / Louga: a partnership agreement signed to improve access to water for the people of Gandé

Published on 17/04/2024 | La rédaction

France, Senegal

The departmental council of Louga and the French urban community of Limoge Métropole have signed a partnership agreement paving the way for improved access to water for the people of Gandé, a commune in this department in northern Senegal.

Amadou Mberry Sylla, President of the Louga departmental council, and Guillaume Guérin, President of the Limoges Métrople urban community, initialed the document in the presence of Issa Diagne, President of the Association ''Afrique Chez Vous''.Issa Diagne, President of the "Afrique Chez Vous" Association, who facilitated the rapprochement between the two local authorities.

The implementation of this three-year agreement should facilitate access to water for the local population through the construction of several water points in the beneficiary villages, the signing ceremony revealed.

We have today signed a three-year agreement aimed at facilitating access to water for the populations of seven villages in the commune of Gandé. Water points will be erected and toilets built in the beneficiary localities", explained the President of the Louga Departmental Council at the end of the ceremony.

Mberry Sylla emphasized that the signing of this agreement enables the implementation of an important project in the Louga department, which, after three years, will guarantee access to water for several villages.

We're pleased and delighted that the people in charge of the Limoges Métropole urban community are honest people who are ready to support us so that the water system can be put into support us so that access to water can become a reality in the department of Louga", he pointed out.

For his part, the president of the Limoges Métropole urban community said that his community's decision to enter into a partnership with Louga was linked to the fact that his departmental council already had a major project.

We know that we can count on the seriousness of the departmental council and its administrative and technical teams", said Guillaume Guérin, assuring us that the project would be a success. Guillaume Guérin, assuring us that it was logical for the urban community he heads to collaborate with a territory endowed with such assets.

Praising the historic skills of Limoges Métropole, which is home to the International Office for Water, its president deemed it natural for the French urban community to focus its action on the water sector. to focus on improving access to water in this part of Senegal.

Limoges Métropole is a French urban community with a population of 250,000, located in the Haute-Vienne department in the Nouvelle-Aquittaine region.


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