Burkina Faso/Sanitation in Ouagadougou's Silmiyiri district: Residents clean up the arteries leading to the cemetery

Published on 15/04/2024 | La rédaction

Burkina Faso

On the occasion of the National Days of Patriotic Commitment and Citizen Participation, the Silmiyiri Residents' Association, in collaboration with the neighborhood's youth, organized a clean-up evening. The areas cleaned were the stretches leading to the Kamboinsin cemetery. For these actors, the objective of this activity is to make their environment clean.

The paths leading to the Kamboinsin cemetery are a total of five kilometers long. Previously tortuous and impassable, the inhabitants of this neighborhood have redeveloped them for their well-being, but also for their safety. "It was people's voluntary contributions that made this possible. The contributions ranged from the smallest sums to the largest. Some people have contributed millions. All in all, we obtained a sum of three million CFA francs and more. With this, we have resurfaced the roads and lit up the area around the cemetery. In all, 14 solar lamps were installed. Today, this area, which used to be a place of insecurity, is practical at any time of day", reassured Jean Marie Kafando, a member of the Silmiyiri association.

By clearing the roads of garbage this Sunday, April 14, 2024, local residents are responding to the government's call to show their citizenship. The clean-up was done in groups. While some piled up garbage on one side, others picked it up on the other with bags. "In our neighborhood, we try as best we can to maintain the roads and a certain level of hygiene. Through this activity, we want to respond to the government's call to act as good patriots and good citizens. By keeping our roads clean, we're avoiding the hearses' traffic jams, which used to be frequent in this district. It's also a way for us to tell those who come to accompany their loved ones to their final resting place that we know they're there, and that we're going to make their surroundings clean and pleasant", added Jean Marie Kafando.

The young people of the neighborhood took an active part in this evening of cleanliness. They said they wanted to contribute to the upkeep of their neighborhood's roads. "Road maintenance is done by our parents. They're the ones who raise the money to do it. As young people, we can also make our contribution, even if it's not financial. And personally, it was my duty to go out and make our living environment healthy. It's also my way of showing my patriotic commitment", confided Jessica Toé.

The Association des ressortissants du quartier Silmiyiri was founded in 2021. It is a grouping of several associations, whose aim is to work for the solidarity of its members.

Source: lefaso.net

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