Canada/Efforts to break the isolation of seniors in Tracadie

Published on 12/04/2024 | La rédaction


In Tracadie, a committee dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors is getting a new lease on life. Municipalité amies des aînés (MADA) aims to redouble its efforts to break isolation.

MADA is an advisory committee reporting to the municipal council. The committee's new president, Izella Comeau, wants to work to break the isolation of seniors, which can be devastating.

It leads to really precarious conditions. You can see depression, mental and physical problems," she explains.

To lend a hand to the MADA committee, the town of Tracadie has just hired a social worker, based in the town hall.

One of his tasks will be to launch a new program to help break the isolation of seniors.

We're going to create twinnings," says the president of the MADA committee. We would have one person assigned to each senior to ensure regular contact. The person involved could be a neighbor, for example. And contact could be by telephone or a visit. We want a climate of trust to develop between these people.

Small miracles

Fernande Brideau, a Tracadie retiree, takes part in some of the committee's activities. It's a necessity for her.

I think there's a big need, given the aging population," she insists. It's very important to have things like this so that seniors can get involved in the community and have some leisure activities.

Izella Comeau, from the MADA committee, is convinced that, with the necessary effort, the new initiatives could achieve great things.

I think we can almost work small miracles. We'd love to.


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