France/Bordeaux: twinning between a retirement home in Les Chartrons and one in Martinique

Published on 09/06/2023 | La rédaction


At the end of May, as part of a twinning program, a delegation from the Georges-Vaton retirement home in Schoelcher (Martinique) was welcomed to the Aimé-Césaire retirement home at 20, rue du professeur Lannelongue (Chartrons district), to inaugurate the first Aimé-Césaire library, with over a hundred books dedicated to the writer and Martinique.

The Bordeaux Ehpad, managed by Samuel Audureau, is home to over seventy elderly people. The library gives them a chance to get away from it all through reading. Since last February, when the twinning agreement was signed, the two retirement homes have forged strong links. A number of initiatives have been launched, such as encouraging residents to chat by video, exchanges of culinary recipes between the two chefs, and exchanges between staff to learn from each other's best practices. The Martinique delegation spent a week in Bordeaux, visiting the Bordeaux seaport and Château Fleur de Lys in Saint-Émilion.


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