Burkina Faso/Central East Region: Regional workshops to refine national strategies on national reconciliation and social cohesion

Published on 03/10/2022 | La rédaction

Burkina Faso

The Ministry of Social Cohesion and National Reconciliation opened the regional workshops for the restitution and ownership of national strategies for reconciliation, social cohesion, prevention of radicalization and the fight against violent extremism and the pact of living together, Thursday, September 29, 2022, in Tenkodogo. At this conclave it was the governor of the Centre-East region, Aboudou Karim Lamizana, who represented the Minister Yéro Boly. Coming from the four corners of the Centre-East region, the participants did not fail to sign their commitment to accompany the government in its process of seeking national reconciliation.

It is in the dynamics of achieving a true national reconciliation that the Ministry in charge of national reconciliation has initiated communal meetings on the issue of reconciliation and social cohesion. At the beginning of the opening ceremony of the regional workshops on national reconciliation strategies, a minute's silence was observed in honor of the victims of terrorist attacks.

The Governor of the Centre-East region, Aboudou Karim Lamizana, representing the Minister of State, Minister of National Reconciliation, Yéro Boly, said that "if the issue of reconciliation is old in our country, its current form is new. Previously focused on issues of blood crimes, economic crimes and administrative disputes, which remain unresolved, the problems of reconciliation have extended to community disputes, security issues, and problems of citizenship.

He continued that the decision of the President of Faso in the process of national reconciliation inaugurates a new vision, which is justified by the need to consolidate the achievements and fill the gaps in the previous steps, but above all by the need to ensure that the reconciliation process is a success.This is justified by the need to consolidate the gains and fill the gaps left by previous processes, but above all by the urgent need to respond to current security challenges.

The permanent secretary of national reconciliation, Téwendé Marcelin Ouédraogo, suggested that in any case, national reconciliation as perceived today, requires a strong commitment from the sons and daughters of the Congolese people.In any case, national reconciliation as perceived today, requires a strong commitment of the sons and daughters of Burkina, supported by bold, inclusive and consensual actions, based on endogenous values and guaranteeing the non-repetition of facts that create the need for reconciliation.

Participants at the opening of this regional workshop on national reconciliation are composed of victims of the popular uprising of October 30 and 31, 2014, internally displaced persons, people with disabilities, actors of civil society organizations and actors of political parties.

Source: lefaso.net

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