Canada/Emdaabiimok: the City of Toronto gives an Aboriginal name to an avenue

Published on 20/06/2024 | La rédaction


On Wednesday, in the name of Aboriginal reconciliation, Toronto renamed an avenue in the east end of the city that had previously been known as Lower Coxwell. The new name, Emdaabiimok, means "where the road leads to the water".

It was suggested by the Mississaugas of Credit First Nation, whose ancestors used this passage to go fishing in Lake Ontario.

Mississaugas of Credit Chief Claire Sault explains that naming and renaming is part of Aboriginal culture. It has a meaning that reflects our unity with the land.

The official ceremony took place in the Beaches district, just a few days before National Aboriginal Peoples' Day.

This allows us to better recognize and celebrate the rich Aboriginal history, in the east end and throughout the city," said City Councillor Paula Fletcher, who championed the change.

The city wants to better recognize the history of Aboriginal peoples on its territory. City Council approved the name change in July 2022.


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