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Published on 18/06/2024 | La rédaction


On the occasion of the Fête du sous-bois in Monterblanc (Morbihan) on Saturday June 15, 2024, Cécile Chauvin, in charge of the Atlas of Communal Biodiversity, presented her work surveying the species present on the territory.

The second edition of the Fête du sous-bois in Monterblanc (Morbihan) took place on Saturday June 15, 2024, in the meadow adjacent to the Bois Lefeuvre, a site with a high biodiversity value.

Among the many stands and events on offer, Cécile Chauvin, project manager for the Atlas of Communal Biodiversity (ABC), ran an information stand. She has been working in the commune for two years to gain a better understanding of the area. Lefeuvre Wood plays a key role in raising awareness of habitats, with a whole range of species living there", emphasized the naturalist. Assisted by David Lédan, project manager at the Regional Nature Park (PNR), they carried out an inventory of the biodiversity present on the territory.

342 new species identified

The aim is to raise awareness of the nature that surrounds us, and to better integrate it into everyday actions and local decision-making. During the survey, 5,440 natural observations were made, with 342 new species recorded, including more than 180 data collected by local residents. In terms of numbers, 63 species were identified as high-stake.

In detail: one plant, 37 bird species, four butterflies, one gastropod, six reptiles, nine mammals and five amphibians. As a result of this inventory and fieldwork, a number of issues were identified.

Among the high-stakes species are the checkerspot butterfly, a rare butterfly that lays its eggs only on the succise plant; the Quimper snail, which has brown spots on its body and a transparent shell. It is protected in France and Europe. Other noteworthy species include the black woodpecker, a forest bird, and plants such as the wetland bedstraw.


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