France/ Near Meaux, this commune offers its residents a community health insurance scheme

Published on 13/06/2024 | La rédaction


At an information meeting on Saturday June 1, the Crégy-lès-Meaux (Seine-et-Marne) town council presented the introduction of a community health insurance scheme.

Crégy-lès-Meaux town council proposes a new health scheme. At the last town council meeting, elected representatives voted to set up a communal health insurance scheme, which was presented to residents at an information meeting on Saturday June1, 2024.

When the CCAS takes matters into its own hands

At the suggestion of the Centre communal d'action sociale (CCAS), the town council voted to set up a mutual health insurance scheme with France Mutuelle, a partnership offering attractive rates .

Most employees have a company health insurance scheme, but as you get older, finding a similar organization with attractive cover is a real challenge. In our commune of 5,324 inhabitants, we have targeted the over-60s, freelancers and temporary workers, so that they can benefit from rates that are almost 20% lower.

Élisabeth Garbarian, Deputy Mayor in charge of Social Affairs.

On Saturday June1 , 2024, some forty Crégyssois were welcomed by Virginie Valente, sales coordinator for France Mutuelle, at an information meeting designed to enable them to compare the price of contributions that weigh heavily on their budgets.

"More and more communes have become our partners in the area, including Nanteuil-lès-Meaux, Saint-Germain-sur-Morin, Bouleurs, Esbly and Bailly-Romainvilliers. We've been around for over 80 years, and we're well established among local authority employees," Virginie Valente explained.

At the end of the presentation of the project, each participant was able to make an individual appointmentto carry out a comparative study and sign up or not with this new mutual insurance company.

Health cover, a real problem

And the scheme has convinced a number of residents. Dominique, aged 65, is set to change her mutual insurance company following the meeting: "It's cheaper, and the one I have now is increasing by around 20% every year. Personally, I'm worried about my ocular hypertension. The only problem is that I just joined my mutual insurance company in January and I'll have to wait until December to change".

Henriette, 87, her neighbor, was also very interested : "My current healthcare costs keep changing: first 200 euros, then 141, and in January another 155 every month. This mutual insurance company won't yo-yo in terms of rates, and will demonstrate stability, which is what I'm looking for".

Robert, 86 years old, also reacted at the end of the meeting: "As an accountant by training, I've always had the same mutual insurance company for 50 years, but now there's a noticeable difference in rates with the same coverage. I'm really interested in this project, even though I'm lucky enough to be in good health and rarely see the doctor. It's an excellent initiative on the part of the town council.

At the end of the meeting, everyone was able to note down their contact details to find a time slot for a comparative study with a real person, in a real office, which seems to set the proposed new organization apart from its competitors.


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