Congo/Environment: "Bacongo without plastic waste" operation launched for three days

Published on 09/06/2023 | La rédaction


On June 7, Simone Loubienga, administrator-mayor of Brazzaville's second arrondissement, launched the "Bacongo without plastic waste" operation, in partnership with the non-governmental organization Healthy Environment.

Under the slogan "Together for a healthy environment ", Simone Loubienga, surrounded by neighborhood chiefs and secretaries, market associations, religious communities and other Bacongo residents, will be crisscrossing the borough for three days to get rid of plastic waste.s and religious communities, as well as other Bacongo residents, will be criss-crossing the district for three days to get rid of plastic waste. The operation will take place from June 7 to 9, in line with the theme of World Environment Day: "Fighting plastic pollution" .

"The environment is our most precious asset. Article 41 of the Constitution states that "every citizen has the right to live in a healthy, satisfactory and sustainable environment". They also have the right to defend this environment. Added to this is the decree of July 20, 2011, which prohibits the import, marketing and use of plastic waste to live in a healthy environment. As June 5 is World Environment Day, we thought we should support the government's action to make Bacongo free of plastic waste", explained Bacongo's administrator-mayor.

For this inaugural day, participants in the cleanliness and environmental protection operation criss-crossed the avenues and streets of Brazzaville's second arrondissement, not only to raise awareness among fellow citizens, but also to set an example by collecting the plastic bags they found along the way. "I really appreciate the Bacongo town council's initiative. It will make our neighborhoods even cleaner, and we'll be able to live in a healthy environment. I hope it will last, because our health depends on it. I'm asking the reluctant to join us," said one participant.

According to Simone Loubienga, it is the duty of the local authorities and the population to make this action permanent in the fight against plastic waste that pollutes the environment. "To do this, we have the support of Healthy Environment and the neighborhood chiefs to make this action sustainable. The waste collected will be recovered by Healthy environment, which will set up a weighing point in arrondissement 2, Bacongo", she continued.

Healthy environment is a promoter of the "Zero Plastic Waste in Congo" campaign,and according to its Managing Director, Yvon Kaba, its distinctive feature is that it gives a second life to used plastics through their transformation. This is thanks to its plastic waste processing unit, launched in 2018 in partnership with Brazzaville City Hall.


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