France/Waste: some municipalities charge their residents according to the number of garbage cans

Published on 29/09/2022 | La rédaction


Since 2016, 14 municipalities have been implementing a new waste collection system. Residents pay based on their number of trash cans per year.

The waste garbage cans are far too full. This is the conclusion of the vitriolic report of the Court of Auditors on waste. Not only is France lagging far behind its neighbors, but this accumulated waste is also very expensive. But should we tax those who do not recycle enough? This is what some municipalities, such as Saint-Just in the Hérault region, have decided to do.

18% less waste

For the past six years, the traditional collection of waste in the commune has been discontinued. Each trash can is tracked with an electronic chip. Each time a garbage can is collected, it is counted. Residents therefore only pay for their personal waste consumption over the year, using a bonus-malus system on the property tax. One resident decided to drastically change his sorting system. He started making compost. The 14 municipalities that have tested this new technique have already transformed the trial. They have seen an 18% reduction in household waste, or nearly 1,000 tons.


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