France/The new regional policy, soon to be presented to the mayors of Hauts-de-France

Published on 28/09/2022 | La rédaction


With the aim of strengthening the links between the region and the municipalities, Christophe Coulon and Guislain Cambier will meet with mayors and local elected officials from Saturday, October 1, 2022 to Thursday, November 3, 2022. The new regional policy "Aides aux Communes et aux Territoires" (ACTes) will be discussed.

After the Politique Régionale d'Aménagement et d'Équilibre du Territoire (PRADET), which provided 354 million euros in funding for local projects from 2016 to 2021, the region will meet with mayors and local elected officials to present the new regional policy of support for local communities "ACTes". It will be proposed at the plenary session on 29 September 2022.

In this policy, three objectives have been set. The first aims to "help all municipalities for a regional planning policy that acts the will of the Region to strengthen and expand its support. "The second concerns "a development policy based on the regional priorities of the Regional Plan for Development, Sustainable Development and the Environment. velopment and Territorial Equality (SRADDET) and ambitions rev3, to serve the development and attractiveness of the region in a logic of balance between the territories." Finally, the region plans to "strengthen rural centrality poles and rebalance the commercial offer in favor of city centers and town centers."

Thus, from Saturday, October 1 to Thursday, November 3, 2022, Christophe Coulon, Vice President in charge of rurality and security and Guislain Cambier, Vice President in charge of territorial strategy and contractual policies, will meet with mayors and local elected officials of the 3,788 municipalities and 92 EPCIs of Hauts-de-France. A total of 26 meetings in the region are planned.


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